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Easily convert your JPG images to PNG format with our free online tool. Preserve image quality while gaining the benefits of PNG's transparency and lossless compression. Try it now and streamline your image conversion process!

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JPG to PNG Converter


Files ending in .JPG and .PNG are image files. They contain visual information, typically photographs, drawings, screenshots, or other types of media.

However, JPG (or sometimes JPEG) is different from PNG. With a JPG, you have a lossy file, meaning image compression has removed part of its overall quality. When you create a JPG, you can choose the degree of loss. Generally, the higher the image quality, the larger the file size, so compressing an image can help it take up less space on your hard drive.

PNGs, on the other hand, are lossless, meaning they are uncompressed. PNGs also support transparency, something JPGs do not. Transparency allows certain pixels in the image to be empty, which can be useful when layering one image over another. However, PNGs do not support CMYK color spaces, making them less effective for printing.


Why Convert JPG to PNG?

JPG to PNG Converter

The main reason to convert JPG files to PNG is transparency compatibility. If you have an image with a lot of white space you would like to remove in editing software, you cannot do so. JPGs must have color information in every pixel, so empty pixels are usually filled with white or black.

PNGs are also uncompressed, so if you upload a PNG to a service that compresses images, your PNG upload will look the same as on your computer. This can be useful if you have a very special or specific image you want to preserve.

However, you should be cautious with JPG to PNG conversion if you eventually want to print the image. Since PNG files do not contain CMYK information, printing them is complicated. We advise you to keep the original JPG if you think you will want to print it in the future.


PNG Images


Files ending in .png are images. PNG images are raster-based image files, meaning they are formed by a grid of pixels, each filled with a color to create a larger image. PNGs are a versatile image format because they support lossless compression and transparency, two things the other popular image format—JPG—does not support. Overall, PNGs are ideal for graphic-based images such as logos, watermarks, icons, and other design pieces. You can also use the PNG format for photographs, although JPG is more suitable for this purpose.


Converting JPG to PNG


While the JPG format is the world's most popular image format, it's not the most versatile. For example, JPGs do not support transparency, so your images will always be rectangular grids of colored pixels. If you want empty pixels, you'll need to convert JPG to PNG first. Our free converter can do this easily. Note that this conversion won't make anything in your image transparent—you'll have to do that in an image editor like Adobe Photoshop. However, all image editors will require you to first convert a JPG to PNG format to support transparencies, so this conversion is a necessary step. Luckily, our conversion tool is free, easy to use, and has no timers, watermarks, or limits.


How to Convert PNG to JPG for Free?


First, you will need to upload a JPG file to our tool. Click the "UPLOAD" button and browse for your JPG file(s) to begin. You can also drag and drop your files into the box that says "Drag your files here." Note, however, that you can only upload up to 20 files at a time.

Once uploaded, you will see our tool converting the files in real-time. When finished, you can download them one by one by clicking the "DOWNLOAD" button below each image. If you have many, you can save time by downloading them all at once in ZIP format. Simply click the "ALL FILES" button.

If after uploading your files you still want to make more conversions, no problem! You can repeat this process as many times as you need, but keep in mind that you can only convert in batches of 20 at most.

Once you have converted your files, you have one hour to download them. Be sure to download your files before this time limit expires, as you will need to convert them again if you wait too long.


Is it Safe to Convert JPGs to PNGs?


It is completely safe to use our tool to convert your files. Your original file remains intact on your phone, tablet, or computer, so you can always revert to the original if the converted file does not work for you.

Additionally, our server deletes all uploads and conversions after one hour, ensuring the security of your confidential information. You never have to worry about your files remaining on our server for more than an hour.


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