How to create an account in Google Analytics

How to create an account in Google Analytics

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How to create an account in Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that allows you to see and analyze the behavior of users who visit your website, something essential for your web positioning strategy and to optimize your sales.

So you’ve got a good list of keywords and you’ve also optimized your On Page SEO?


And do you also have a good SEO Off Page strategy ?

Very well!

But what do you know about your visitors?

Do they spend a lot of time on your pages? Little bit? Do they leave as soon as they arrive? Which page attracts more visits? What page makes them leave immediately?

If you can’t answer all these questions, you’re not analyzing the performance of your website.

In Web Positioning it is very convenient to have a system that helps you measure the effectiveness of your actions.

Otherwise, how will you know what is working, and what you should enhance?

Surely your time is limited, and that is why you cannot afford to waste time with things that do not benefit you.


Google Analytics is free


There are many tools designed to analyze the metrics of your website, and as usual, the most effective are usually paid.

Fortunately one of the best analytics tools is free: Google Analytics.

This tool has become a standard when it comes to measuring the most common web statistics.

It is used by webmasters from all over the world to control metrics such as return on advertising investment, success or failure of marketing campaigns, number and behavior of visits, impact on social networks, etc.

Although not everyone knows, there is a paid version called Google Analytics Premium, but the standard version is enough for most users, even experts.

With Analytics you have at your disposal a wide variety of reports with multiple customization possibilities. And it is also relatively easy to use.

Among its many competitors there are tools specialized in collecting and analyzing web statistics, others more focused on the analysis of the sales process (“Sales Funnel”), some more oriented towards Social Networks, etc.

Google Analytics does not stand out especially in any aspect, but its great virtue is that it does “a little of everything”, and it will serve you wonderfully as an aid to position your website.


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How does Google Analytics work?


Analytics collects the data of your visitors thanks to a code (Javascript) that you must insert in all those pages that you wish to monitor.

This code, called the Google Analytics Tracking Code (Google Analytics Tracking Code) is personalized, so you must first open an account.


Create your account in Google Analytics


The process to create an account is very simple.

It is very possible that you already have an account open with Google, for any other service, and you can use it to sign up for Analytics.

If you do not have it, you must create a “general” Google account (for example Gmail)


Step 1  Visit the Google Analytics page

If you did not have an account in any Google service, you must press the “create an account” button. If you already have it, go to step 5.


Step 2  Start the process of creating a Google account.

If on this screen the language of the page does not appear in Spanish, you can select it from the drop-down menu at the bottom right.

Then click on the red button “create account”.


Step 3  Create your Google account


Fill in the form with all the requested information and click on “create my account”.

You will then receive an email with instructions to verify your account.


Step 4  Verify your account


Step 5  Create your Google Analytics account


Visit the main page of Google Analytics again and this time click on “sign in”.

On the next screen, click on “Register”.


Step 6  Register


And finally, fill in the information that is requested to create your first account in Google Analytics.


Step 7  Fill in your details


Step 8  Install the Google Analytics tracking code


As I mentioned at the beginning, before beginning to collect data on your visits, you need to include the Google Analytics tracking code.

The “Google Analytics Tracking Code” is a code snippet that you must add to all the pages of your website where you want to collect information, usually all of them.

If you use WordPress to manage your website, this is very simple, because most themes have an option to insert the code.

If your theme does not have this option, you can use a plugin such as Super Simple Google Analytics.

Once you have met this requirement, you can start collecting data and analyzing it in the application.


How to use Google Analytics?


As your account is new at the beginning you will not have any data stored , but come back to the application in a couple of weeks and you will be able to enjoy a whole world of information.

Be forewarned: Analytics can be highly addictive and it’s very easy to get hooked 

Some of the first data that you should review is in “Acquisition”, there you can start to know information as valuable as where your visitors come from and their behavior on your website.

But there is much, much more.

As you use them you will discover that Analytics is a tool with enormous possibilities, and it’s free!


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