Twitter: know the complete guide to this social network

Twitter: know the complete guide to this social network

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Twitter: know the complete guide to this social network


Twitter is not the most used social network in Mexico, nor the one that attracts the most advertisers, nor the one with the most resources. But it is the social network that tracks events in real time, sets trends for other platforms and promotes great debates (and great discussions…).


Marketing on Twitter must be dynamic and insightful, attentive to trends and agile in interacting with users. The blue bird’s social network is not the most widely used in the world, but it is loved by a loyal audience. Learn now how to be effective on Twitter.

Between ups and downs throughout its history, Twitter has remained relevant on the Internet and Digital Marketing for many years. And that’s why brands still find it a valuable environment to market on Twitter and build connections with their audience .

In this article, we’ll cover all the ins and outs of Twitter Marketing and how your brand can leverage the social network for more results. Follow and find out everything!

What is Twitter? 

Twitter is a social networking platform that allows users to post content in the form of text, image and video and interact with each other.

The great advantage of the platform is the limitation of publications to 280 characters —after increasing the initial 140 characters—, which makes communication more dynamic than in other social networks.

In addition, Twitter is characterized as an ideal platform to follow events and events in real time . The World Cup games, the Oscars on TV or the country’s elections are moments that move the social network a lot.

In the same way, any controversial topic gains stage on the platform—or arises right there. Despite the fact that the app has character limitations, users often create threads (or “threads”), which allow them to unravel topics and provoke great debates, ranging from explanations about the war in Ukraine to opinions about the character of the soap opera. .

For many people, social networks function as public squares where people gather to talk and discuss important—and sometimes not-so-important—issues. In this analogy, we can say that Twitter would be the main square of the city.

Twitter usage data in Mexico

Twitter is far from being the social network with the most users. In Mexico, the top part of this ranking is occupied by Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram, while Twitter is a regular platform for 39% of users, according to INEGI data reviewed in El Universal .

In 2022, Twitter reached the figure of 40 million Mexican users . As a comparison, Instagram has no less than 81 million users in the country. But these numbers matter little to users of Twitter, which has perhaps one of the largest user audiences of any social network.

According to Statista data , Instagram users are predominantly young, between 18 and 34 years old (67.1%). 

History of Twitter: main events that marked the social network

Twitter was one of the first social networks to emerge, in 2006. At first it was categorized as a microblog, since it allowed small publications about people’s day-to-day lives.

That year, Jack Dosey published the first tweet in history, when the platform was still called Twttr:

The initial idea was for Twitter to bring SMS messages to the web—hence the initial limitation to 140 characters. It is as if the users are “singing” on the Internet—and, therefore, the blue bird as a symbol of the social network. Currently, many things have changed, such as the 280 character limitation, as well as the use of images and videos in tweets.

The social network also popularized verbs such as “tweeting” or “hunting whales” (whenever the platform failed, the figure of a whale appeared on the error page), created web habits such as the use of hashtags, and launched the career of influencers who still they are around.

The trending topics —a list of the most commented topics on the social network— that have become a benchmark for finding out what conversations are trending around the world or in your region.

However, throughout its history, there was no shortage of those who decreed the end of Twitter , given the growth of other social networks. However, while not as popular as other platforms, Twitter holds its own on the internet.

Let’s see some more facts that marked this trajectory:

  • 2006: Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass found Twitter. In July of the same year, the site is launched in the United States.
  • 2010: Twitter announces for the first time the number of registered users on the platform: 175 million.
  • 2013: Twitter carries out its IPO (Initial Public Offering) and opens its operations on the New York Stock Exchange.
  • 2017: The social network began testing the 280-character limit for tweets, which was finally implemented in November of that year.
  • 2020: The Fleets feature is created, which worked in the same way as Instagram Stories and expires in 24 hours. The function was discontinued in the year 2021.
  • 2021: Twitter Spaces is launched, enabling live audio conversations, inspired by the Clubhouse, which had been launched in 2020.
  • 2022: Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and the world’s richest man at the time, buys Twitter for $44 billion.

What are the main advantages of Twitter compared to other social networks?

Each social network platform has its characteristics and, therefore, they conquer different audiences. But what makes Twitter different from other social networks? Now let’s see what their main differentiators are:

Information in real time

On Twitter, information is dynamic . If a major event happened on the other side of the world, the next minute there are thousands of people there commenting on what happened. During important events or broadcasts, the social network seems to have a life of its own.

The second screen phenomenon — when users watch a broadcast on TV but connect by commenting on social media — is even stronger on Twitter.

Communication agility

With the character limitation, communication on Twitter becomes more dynamic. It’s okay for some users to get excited and create endless threads, with several tweets in a row, but most posts make the information more accurate, which spreads more easily .

Closer reality

Twitter does not have the filters that Instagram does, nor Facebook texts, nor LinkedIn speeches. In this social network you will find something closer to real life , with real-time news and heated discussions. The users seem to be more transparent than in the publications that make up reality on other platforms. 

Faithful public

Twitter has a loyal audience that likes these features that are not found on other social networks. Twitter users range from everyday users, many of whom have been around since the network’s inception, to great world leaders like Barack Obama and the Pope.

Twitter users defend Twitter even from its future owner: there was no shortage of criticism of Twitter and Elon Musk’s cancellations, carried out on the social network itself, when he bought the company.

And the disadvantages?

Not everything is rosy in the bird’s social network… Some problems damage the image of Twitter and even affect the company’s negotiations. Here are some disadvantages compared to other social networks:

Fake accounts

Many users who are on Twitter simply don’t exist. They are bots that only serve to inflate the number of followers of some accounts and artificially propagate content.

In other cases, bots can provide more noble services, like consolidating threads into just one text ( @threadreaderapp ) or giving users self-care tips ( @tinycarebo ). Still, they represent users who are not real.

After announcing the purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk suspended negotiations , alleging that the number of fake accounts on the social network was higher than estimated and that this would be camouflaging the reality of the company’s finances. 

Spreading fake news and hate speech

The agility of information and the presence of fake accounts on Twitter is a favorable combination for the spread of fake news and hate speech.

The bots can be used to post with certain hashtags and keywords that spread inappropriate content on the social network. These topics become topical topics and seem to be relevant to many people, but if you take a closer look, they are just robots .

This feature can be used in political propaganda and influence election results, making the problem even more serious. At this link, Twitter explains its policies regarding civic acts, but they don’t always work.


Twitter often becomes a toxic environment . Everything is a reason to problematize publications and cancel users, from ordinary people to celebrities.

Since communication is dynamic on Twitter, an inappropriate comment spreads quickly and becomes a reason for cancellations. Although this is not restricted to Twitter, the social network encourages these attitudes.

How important is marketing on Twitter?

Twitter is already much more than a platform for sharing “what’s going on?” as its home page suggests. For brands and consumers, it is also a platform to do business, but in a more fun and relevant way.

Twitter users are loyal to the social network. They access it every day and are always there to discuss what’s going on or simply to find out what’s going on. So your brand can also participate in the hot conversations and show your opinions and positions. 

Through Twitter, the brand takes a relationship approach with consumers, not hard selling. The intention is to participate in the topics and generate value for users, with relevant comments, funny phrases and agile interactions.

Thus, you can create deep connections with yourself, far beyond a business relationship with consumers. The brand becomes a partner and, as a result, can create stronger bonds that translate into brand building and sales. 

What is Twitter used for in Digital Marketing? 

Want to better understand what your business can do on Twitter? Social media can serve many purposes for your brand. Look now at the uses you can get from Twitter in Digital Marketing:

Community building

Twitter helps your business engage your audience and build a community around your brand. Users interact with the content, identify with what you have to say and create links with your brand . Thus, the relationship becomes stronger than if it were merely commercial.

Brand humanization

Posting on Twitter is a way to humanize your brand. You have the opportunity to show the personality of the organization , as well as the values ​​and causes it represents, as a person would. You can also interact on equal terms with other users and show that you understand their demands and expectations.

Brand positioning

Twitter is a good space to position yourself. On the social network, people defend their causes and discuss them with other users.

Thus, brands can also show which side they are on controversial issues, especially when they are in the conversations of the moment. But it is important that this positioning makes sense to the company and its audience. This helps to humanize the brand and awaken people’s identification.

Mention monitoring

Mention monitoring is used to monitor consumer conversations. You can find out what people are saying about your brand and how a marketing campaign is working. Through monitoring tools, it is also possible to identify if the comments are positive, negative or neutral. 

Crisis management

Twitter can also help manage your brand crisis. First, you can identify negative consumer feedback by tracking mentions. From there, it is possible to respond quickly to users so that the crisis does not spread and further damage your image.

Customer Support

Also use Twitter as a customer service channel or SAC 2.0. You can act actively, looking for complaints and negative comments from customers, to solve their problems and demands . In addition, the social network allows you to be quick to answer the questions and suggestions you receive in tweets with mentions or by direct message.

Catch trends

Twitter is a great tool for identifying consumer behaviors and trends . Through trending topics and following mentions, you can understand what is being discussed among your consumers and use it in your marketing strategies.

It is no coincidence that the social network annually publishes The Conversation: Twitter Trends , which identifies the main trends of the year based on the conversations that take place there.

News in real time

Twitter is ideal for following events in real time. The social network moves during the broadcasts of games, festivals, awards and other events on television.

Then you can also use Twitter to monitor impact and move the community during live activations . Let’s say, for example, that your brand sponsors a music festival or runs an ad between the nine o’clock soap opera. At this point, you can keep an eye on what people are saying and stimulate user feedback.

Alliances with influencers

You can also use Twitter to promote partnerships with influencers . The social network has several personalities that interact very closely with your audience.

Traffic generation

Another use that you can make of Twitter is the generation of traffic. Include links to your website, blog or ecommerce to take people there and learn more about your brand . Unlike Instagram, links are clickable on Twitter.

But, like any social network, Twitter also prefers native content, which does not drive users away from its platform. So, don’t fill your profile with external links, okay? Use it sparingly, thinking of complementing some content that you post on the social network.

How to do marketing on Twitter?

Let’s start now to put some things into practice. If you want to start marketing on Twitter, it’s time to take the first steps. Let’s see some tips for this:

Create a complete profile

The first step is to create a Twitter profile for your brand. When you do this, fill in all the details about the company, so users are aware of your brand.

Basically, you have to fill in the brand name, description, industry, location, and the link (can be for the website, landing page, or link aggregator). Also, include a profile and cover image that are representative of your business.

Since Twitter is a more laid-back environment, you can play around in the profile description a bit . See the example below:

Understand the language of social networks.

Each social network has its style, public and language. There is no use going on Twitter and just copying what you are posting on Instagram or TikTok. So adapt your content for different platforms .

On Twitter, it’s important to understand that people communicate faster and follow the trends of the network. Often some form of tweet spreads or some expression goes viral, and you have to keep up to date. 

Explore resources for creating tweets

Gone are the days when Twitter was limited to 140-character text-only tweets. Although the language of the social network is still fast and dynamic, today you have more resources to diversify your publications .

So, also explore the use of images and videos, use the GIF repository offered by the platform, and conduct surveys with your audience. But even using these features, don’t forget that text has power and can make your tweet even more interesting.

Interact with followers

Don’t talk alone. Social networks were made to interact, and that also happens with brands. On Twitter, users want to get closer to the brand and make it part of their lives. Therefore, talking to consumers is important to nurture the relationship .

So follow people, reply to comments and messages, like what they’re posting, and retweet posts that stand out. Thus, people feel valued by your brand and interact with your profile.

Have a frequency of publications, but do not miss opportunities

It is important to have frequency and consistency in posts. Understand that not all tweets will go viral, but it is important to show users and algorithms that your brand is active on the social network . To do this, have an agenda of publications and content production, which maintains this periodicity.

On the other hand, don’t miss posting opportunities when topics are hot. The timeline should only be a guide – don’t get hung up on it when you have interesting content to engage in conversations with.

What to post on Twitter?

Well, have you figured out how to do Twitter marketing, but still don’t know what to post? Now let’s see some ideas for writing tweets that are more successful on the social network. Take note:

Pop culture news and trends.

Awards, events, sports games, TV shows, soap operas, movies, series and, of course, the lives of artists and celebrities: these topics are always in the conversations on Twitter. So, keep an eye out for topics that are going viral and find out how it can be incorporated into your brand.

Check out the example of the Tiramillas that brought as a novelty the first statements of Amber Heard after losing the defamation trial in which she was sued by her ex-husband Jhonny Deep.

Provocative content

Do you want to encourage users to interact with your brand? You should think about the provocative content. It could be a question, a controversial comment, an intriguing statistic, or some fact that divides opinion.

Of course, it pays to be very careful when entering into disputes. But this type of post tends to build engagement. 

Inspiring content

If we suggested getting into polemics earlier, another idea is to adopt a softer tone to inspire your followers. You can post thoughtful and motivational content, especially if it is in line with the current context and issues. See the following example of KFC_ES, saying good morning to his followers..

Smart humour

Clever humor is probably what tweeters like best. Remember that joke that no one had done before? That’s what people expect on Twitter.

Of course, you need wit to make clever humor. But it’s interesting to keep up with current affairs and find fun ways to engage with your brand.

Links to blog or website

You can also post links to your blog, website or ecommerce. So you will send traffic from Twitter there. But don’t forget that Twitter wants content relevant to the platform.

So, think of content for Twitter and just complete it with the link, so that the user knows more about a topic or about your product.

How to create ads on Twitter? It’s worth it?

Twitter Ads is the tool to create paid ads on the social network. You can use this feature to boost Twitter campaigns for more visibility and conversions .

To do this, you need to create a Twitter Ads account, which allows you to set up, run, and analyze campaigns. It’s simple: just log in to with your brand’s username, add a payment method, and start setting up your campaign.

When configuring the campaign, you can define different objectives, such as:

  • scope;
  • video displays;
  • application installations;
  • traffic to the website;
  • engagement;
  • followers.

And you can also use different ad formats, mainly Promoted Ads , Follower Ads and Trend Acquisition .

There is no minimum value that you must invest in campaigns, and you can segment with multiple filters. Therefore, it is worth trying Twitter Ads to achieve a certain marketing goal.

The Twitter Ads platform isn’t as comprehensive as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, but it still offers valuable features for connecting with your audience.

Twitter Analytics: how to measure success on Twitter

Twitter Analytics is Twitter’s data analysis tool. It is your greatest ally to monitor the performance of the brand on the social network and identify opportunities for improvement.

The tool is available for both personal and business accounts. You can access it at . There you can see a general summary of the account of the last 28 days, with the data of tweets, impressions, visits to the profile, mentions and followers.

In Tweet reports, you can also view engagement rate, clicks, retweets, favorites, and replies. Other, more specific reports on videos and conversions are also available.

Examples of companies that stand out on Twitter

Let’s now look at some examples of brands on Twitter to inspire your actions there. Discover them:


McDonald’s develops light and fun communication on Twitter to interact with the young audience that consumes its products.

Twitter marketing demands agility, creativity, and insight. You need to have a good understanding of what’s happening in the world, what conversations are booming, and what content might resonate with your audience. When you can do this, you have a great chance of success on the social network.

But it is also important to keep a close eye on the behaviors of your audience. And since we know that tracking metrics is important to you, what better than using the Twitter Analytics platform to find out your performance on the social network?


Other very useful tools for SEO:


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