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Gov Backlinks Services


Gov Backlinks Services. What is Gov Backlinks? This is an important issue because “.gov” is related to government departments and .gov domain names are owned by government websites.

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As you may already know backlinks from .gov ( goverment websites ) are very rare, high authority and trusted by the eyes of google and other popular search engines. Having a backlink from a goverment website is like having thousands of backlinks from other domain extensions such as .com,.net,org etc.

We have up to 200 goverment websites in which we are able to post your link including an article related to your services and website.

What is Gov Backlinks?

This is an important issue because “.gov” is related to government departments and .gov domain names are owned by government websites. Official organizations’ websites ends with .gov. For this reason, it won’t be possible to register private websites of any kind with .gov symbol. If you are one of those millions of ordinary citizens or private companies, you can not have any website with “.gov” in principle.

Same argument is valid for public sector and semiofficial organizations. Regarding semiofficial organizations like universities and other educational institutions get domain names like “.edu”. Normal citizens, persons and private companies could neither get .gov nor .edu in any case.

In other words ordinary citizens, private companies and foundations can not require and obtain official symbols at all. Otherwise, it would inaccurate and illegal for the reason that .gov carries authority and superiority.

On the other hand, a backlink provides significant advantages to those websites because it is a hyperlink and it helps websites to take a place on the upper pages of most search engines. That’s to say, search engines will place your websites on top pages if you have backlinks.

However, there are some ways to get backlinks to official gov websites smoothly

One of the most common ways is to get a contact from any of the government departments. If you are lucky and able to get a contract, no doubt that the PR department will announce a press release with a backlink to your website. Due to this press release, you will get a backlink easily and free of charge automatically

In the meantime, I have remembered an old story. That is; In early decades before internet became popular and commonly used by officials, some heady people used to send postcards to the name of some politicians or top officials on certain occasions like an official holiday or the independence day. Then, if this heady people received any response by letterhead paper, they used such letters to get benefit from the name of the officer by showing the letter.

Finally, although most of them don’t let making comment, some of the official government blogs allow comments. If you are lucky to find this kind of blogs, then you will get chance to have backlink easily. In any case, it depends on your efforts to find blogs allowing comment.

As explained in above paragraphs, government websites are great chances to obtain back links to .gov sites.

If you make a good research and spend time to find out some occasions that create chance to get in touch with government departments, you can get back links.

Shortly, backlinks are very valuable and important opportunities to make you websites popular and highly recognized by internet users who search websites that are attractive for their requirements. .Gov domain names are superior to ordinary sites. To appear on top pages of search engines, it is necessary to look for chances to get familiar with government officers. The more you search government websites and blogs, the higher your chances will be.


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