Domain Authority: do you already know about your authority

Domain Authority: do you already know about your authority

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Domain Authority: do you already know about your authority


Domain Authority: do you already know about your authority? Authority does not have its source in power, but in competence, prestige, and knowledge on a specific topic or area.

The Domain Authority: Your boss will have to listen to you! He is one of the main references of the company, where he goes everyone is silent, he has that haughty look of someone who no longer has the fears of a beginner and he knows how to answer anything you ask him.

He may really have a lot of Authority, but you also have yours. That is why today he will have to listen to you, because after all, who is in charge more: him or you?!

What a question, isn’t it?! Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer me, it was just a joke to get into the mood about how difficult it is to talk about  AUTHORITY.




Authority is a type of power, perhaps the most interesting, since it is the power that legitimately emanates from a person or institution, due to their knowledge and prestige, provoking a natural compliance. It is like a seal of quality, the person or institution that has recognized authority on this or that topic will become a reference for those who seek guidance.

Authority does not have its source in power, but in competence, prestige, and knowledge on a specific topic or area. In a scenario of freedom of choice, as is generally the case when browsing the Internet, all those people who have a question or a problem will seek the opinion of who they trust the most in order to reference themselves.

For this reason, Authority is synonymous with reference, like your boss for example, he always knows what he says and what he does. It is not the power that gives you authority, it is the authority that gives you power. He does not need to command because everyone follows and voluntarily accepts his commands, they recognize him as the person with the most knowledge and wisdom and turn to him every time they need to clarify any doubt on a subject. That is what is expected of who is an authority!


Seo authority


Now let’s talk about the fantastic world of SEO, the adventure of  positioning, the universe of making ourselves found, optimizing everything to enter the same frequency as optimized search engineering. And guess what? AUTHORITY is a positioning metric.

As much as we are respectful of the Royal Spanish Academy, we must confess that we are interested in the SEO definition of this concept, in this language AUTHORITY means: this site is reliable and knows what it is talking about.

The user has a need and begins to search the internet, as the search engine’s priority is the user experience, it will prioritize the best positioned pages in its Authority metric. And why would the seeker do this? Because Authority metrics inspire confidence in navigation. The message that the user will implicitly receive will be: this site or page will guide, advise, explain, help, support, enrich, perfect, and will fulfill your search without causing any prejudice. This is the step prior to a click.

So the detail to impress your boss is to guide your optimization work focusing on  the search engine recognizing the Authority of the site you are optimizing , since the user, in this case, having no references to previously evaluate a website or blog, will trust fully on the suggestions of the seeker.


What is Domain Authority?


Domain Authority is a metric from 1 to 100 that rates the authority that a website has on the subject it deals with. Evaluate all the pages that integrate it. The higher the value, the better the position and the higher the chances of appearing among the first places on a search page.


What is Page Authority?


The concept of page authority is similar, it is also measured on a scale from 1 to 100 and also the higher the score, the better positioned it is. The difference with the previous one is that while the Domain Authority is a metric that evaluates the whole work of a site, the Page Authority specifically evaluates the page that is being visited.


The Wizard of Moz


MOZ, a company dedicated to digital tools for search engineering that created these two metrics (and others). As a matter of logic and obviousness, whoever understands engineering to search can also imagine reverse engineering to be found. Therefore, we are running in a spiral where we try to be found by those who seek us, that is our cycle.

Optimization acquired homeopathic dimensions, it is becoming more precise and detailed, “adapting to all the criteria that interest us and that we consider valid, to be found.”  The idea of ​​content marketing is that simple   and that is why it is so powerful, we adapt to these criteria to improve our metrics.

That is why Moz makes tools available to find out the Domain and Page Authority of your site and, in this way, be able to work on those metrics. The simplest to handle is the  Open Site Explorer , it is simply to enter that page, type the URL of the page you want to consult and in seconds the information will appear.

When you study these metrics always remember what your boss says: all KPIs are metrics but not all metrics are KPIs.


How to improve Domain Authority and Page Authority metrics


The how is basically what  content marketing studies  , so somehow we already know it, we have to see the metrics of our page and create a strategy to increase it, after that the usual:

  1. Links are essential in this strategy, as it means being cited, therefore you should have  external links  from pages with high Domain and Page Authority metrics and internal links within your own content.
  2. Install social media buttons on your site to encourage sharing of your content.
  3. We will have to invest in editors who have the technique of writing  relevant content.
  4. Create a  calendar of posts  (from the page and for social media).
  5. Monitor visitor traffic and residence time.
  6. Delete negative links.
  7. Optimize; always be optimizing.

By following these tips, you can improve your performance and increase your chances of standing out within your work team. With this you will have enough material to work, study and continue to grow. And don’t worry about your boss, you’re young, you have a great career ahead of you and without a doubt, he, with all his Domain Authority, recognizes that you have a lot of Page Authority.


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