Directory Submission

Directory Submission

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What is directory submission? 


Directory submission is one of the most classic way to get relevant and one-way backlinks to your website from hundres and even thousands of web directories.


Directory submission is one of the most classic way to get relevant and one-way backlinks to your website from hundres and even thousands of web directories. We currently own a database up to 5,000 web directories which allow webmasters to list their site for free or for a small one-time fee.

In order for our team to begin the directory submission for your website first we will re-search your niche and keywords and create around 10 to 20 different / 80-100 words of description related to your website so we can add your site on the web directories.

We will also create a new e-mail account for the purpose of submitting your site on the directories, verify the submissions and also save the exact url’s where your link is listed just like the example url you see above and include it on your weekly seo report.


The process we take for the directory submission service


Are you looking for the best suitable SEO technique to get more traffic flow towards your target site? If it is, you are in luck that you are reading this article. Directory submission is one of the best traffic generating tools that helps in boosting huge volume of traffic to the target site. It is also defined as the one way link building technique. If you have some basic knowledge of SEO, you will of course know how effective this one way link is in getting a flow of traffic. Directory submission also helps in increasing the PR of the target website along with great traffic flow. It also provides a lot of opportunities to boost an online business. Actually when online business owners plan for their marketing strategies, they always consider directory submission as the essential as well as an effective.


What is directory submission?

Are not still clear what is directory submission? Well, directory submission means providing the full details of your website in online web directory. It is a process by which your website details will be spread throughout the word.

Now, how to complete a directory submission perfectly as well as properly? The directory submission process includes making a list of directories for submitting, using separate mail accounts for separate submissions, formulation of correct title and description of your website, selecting a proper category, submitting all the details correctly in the submission form, preparing the completed work report and confirmation mail acceptance as well.

Along with learning proper submission process you should learn some mistakes that the new business owners do.

You should not make the same mistake like other newbies as you want to increase the number of business prospects as well as gain success in your business.


Four common mistakes that the business owners do are given in this article.

  1. Ignoring the terms and conditions: All directories have some fixed guidelines that are set up by that specific directory’s owner. If you cannot follow the rules correctly, there is a great chance to get your submissions rejected.
  2. Using marketing phrases: You should always avoid turning your submission into a sales pitch because this will result your submission rejected. When you will make directory submission, you should try to use third person language. Along with this always try to be objective.
  3. Stuffing the title: You should follow the submission guidelines perfectly. If your directory guidelines do not allow you to incorporate extra keywords excepting the website name, you should not add any extra keyword while preparing the title.
  4. Use of errant mail address: You should not use an errant mail address like google, yahoo, hotmail etc. Always use that email address having similarity to your website’s domain name.


There are both paid and free directories available online.

The best five free directories include search sight,, world site index, open directory project, web world and the best five paid directories are ezilon, aviva, best of the web, yahoo directory,

You can choose the free directory if you are new in online business. But if you are a professional online businessman, you should use paid directory as the links resulted from these directories will last for a long time.


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