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Article Submission

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Article Submission


Article Submission. Why to choose our Article Submission Service? Our first priority is to re-search your market and the keywords you want to promote so we can submit only related and on-subject articles.


We have a huge database of high pagerank websites for our article submission service ( up to 1000 unique domains in our database ).


Why to choose our Article Submission Service?

  1. Tested,Safe and Proven to boost your rankings.
  2. All article submissions are done 100% manual.
  3. Each article will be relevant to your website products or services.
  4. 95% are do-follow sites.
  5. More than 85% of the article sites have at least Google Page Rank 1 or more.
  6. We accept any Multilingual website.

On the aurthor box we will include your url and the keyword you want to promote so you can get the link juice and improve rankings.


The article submission service

Our first priority is to re-search your market and the keywords you want to promote so we can submit only related and on-subject articles. After the re-search has been done by our team we will proceed to the next step which is to create new accounts on the article directories so we can submit the article, in order to do that we will need first to create a unique e-mail address which will be used for the purpose of creating the accounts and verify the submissions.

After the articles has been approved by the article directories usually instant or max within 2-3 days we will include those urls to your report.

What is article submission

Are you new in online business and do you want to know how to increase your presence in online business world? You will get all of these answers in this article. Link building is the first condition of getting immense traffic to all types of sites. And increased traffic is the first condition to become successful in online business. If you get a large volume of traffic means lot of visitors every day on your site, you can be sure that the possibility of your sales will be increased.

Now what is article submission? Article submission is one of the oldest link building methods in SEO techniques. Every day lot of SEO webmasters as well as business owners submit thousands of articles on different types of high page ranked article directories to increase back links to their websites. It is also defined as a pattern of advertisement that will help you to advertise as well as to spread your website worldwide.

Now how does the article submission work in boosting traffic to the target site? As an article submission process authors usually submit their articles to the article directories to publish their articles on those sites. When an article directory will pick your article to publish on that site, you will get a space on that site to share your identity, contact information, website links, references etc.

There are lots of article directories available online.

This published article on any article directory not only increases the traffic to your site, but also increases your credit to make a high quality article. If the readers find your published article useful, they will come back to your site again and again and this way your website gets permanent visitors as well as a huge traffic volume.

But all of those are not useful in making high quality backlinks for the target sites. So before submitting your valuable articles to any directory, you should make a little research to find out some best quality article directories online. You should also know how making the article submission properly.

Do not copy other’s article while submitting articles on directory because it will not be picked up for free distribution. You should not also use the same article for many article directories. If you don’t have a lot of time to make a new article for every time, you should make a spin of your original article to publish on separate directories. Try to make your article short in size as longer article may ruin the reader’s interest to read your full article.

The standard word count range of directory article is 400 to 500 words. Apart from this you should always make high quality as well as informative articles to get your readers back to your site for every time.

As the main purpose of article submission is getting traffic to own sites, so do not forget to give your website link as well as contact information on resource or bio box. That’s all about article submission.


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